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This was a great episode of FlashForward. It's the first time we can say that since the pilot.

The storylines that have us suddently anxious for the show's return in March 2010 include...

- Zoey realized that her vision was NOT of her and Demetri's wedding, but rather of his funeral.

- We learned more about how Demetri ends up dead because he and Mark travel to Hong Kong. They are immediately met at the airport by Marshall Vogel (Michael Ealy), who initially says he's an FBI agent based on Hong Kong. He tells the pair to go home.

But they stay, and they track down Nhadra Udaya. She tells them more about who kills Demetri: it's Mark! Udaya says he does so with three shots at close range and, as proof, she recites the serial number off Mark's gun: A561984. Mark takes her hostage to get more information, but he doesn't get far. He and Demetri are met outside by men with guns and many vehicles. Vogel is among them.

He ends up taking Mark and Demetri back to the airport, where it's revealed he's actually a member of the CIA. Also, Wedeck hears about the international incident and fires Mark from the FBI. In the airport, he hands Demetri his badge and the very gun he supposedly kills him with on March 15, 2010.

We later seen Udaya in her office. She has her own Mosaic-like board, with many clues on it - and she's talking to D. Gibbons! She says she can't protect him.

- Elsewhere, Lloyd and Simon hold a press conference and admit that experiments they conducted with the National Linear Accelerator Project (NLAP) led to the blackouts. They aren't greeted warmly afterwards, as a woman in the audience actually fires a shot at Lloyd. He seems broken up by the whole thing, but Simon just seems angry. He's not sure the blackout was actually their fault and offers his help to the FBI in order to solve it.

The FBI shows Simon photos from Somalia in 1991 and he's shocked by what he sees: the laser he created - in 1992! - is the unusual structure that's sitting across numerous fields in that country

Lloyd, meanwhile, needs to move Dylan to a new hospital to ensure his protection. Olivia helps him with the transfer. As she does, the pair bonds. Turns out, Lloyd when to Harvard in 1998, the same year Olivia was scheduled to attend - but she went to LA with Mark instead and Lloyd future (now late) wife ended up moving into the building in which Olivia had planned to live.

After clearly getting close, Lloyd says goodbye to Olivia outside the hospital, as an ambulance arrives to take Dylan away. But the men pull out guns and kidnap Lloyd instead. The episode ends with Olivia holding a screaming Dylan and Lloyd being whisked away.

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The whole penis thing is a problem for me 'because I... don't... like them.


Bryce: You're gay?
Janis: I'm super gay.