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Best. Character. Introduction. Ever.

Dominic Monaghan debuted on FlashForward this week, in a very cool way. But we'll get to that shortly...

We'll start with Mark and Demetri's side of the story. After interrogating the female terrorism suspect these two caught on the opening episode, Demetri was told by the women that he didn't have much time left. She seemed to know he was gonna die and fed him information about something major happening in Indio, CA.

But after Mark and Demetri investigated, it ended up just being a pot dealer. Why was Demetri so focused on acting like a regualr FBI agent? He told Mark about the mysterious phone call he received that said he was gonna be murdered. Mark comforted his friend by saying they had to focus all their time on the Mosaic and the blackouts. Upon returning to the office, it was Mark's turn to speak to the aforementioned woman.

She said he ought to be asking WHY the blackout occurred, and also said he'd never learn until he embraced his dark side. At this, Mark asked a co-worker to have a well-known, criminal hacker get into the CIA database to uncover information on Somalia from 1991, so he could discover more about last week's crow news.

At home, Mark is extra nice to a returning Nicole, after she tells him about her vision: she was being drowned and felt as though she was being punished for something.

As for Olivia, she had her own issues at work. A patient was happily telling her and Bryce about his blackout, but this isn't information Olivia can treat as gospel. If it were, she'd soon be having an affair with Lloyd and she doesn't want that.

Due to that attitude, Olivia ignores Bryce's plea to use the man's future vision as a symptom. She almost kills him during surgery as a result. When she does give in and accept Bryce's diagnosis - which, again, is based on what the man sees himself as in six months - she saves his life. This is further proof that the visions will come true.

It's a fact Olivia is struggling with, especially as she tries to have Lloyd's son transferred all day, but one of the final scenes is of a nurse saying he's back in Olivia's unit. As we then cut to Lloyd - who has finally been bonding with his child, via magic tricks - he gets a phone call in the hospital hallway. It's from someone named Simon. Lloyd says he can't talk now.

But Simon (Monaghan) says that's too bad. It will need to be a small inconvenience for Lloyd, now that the two of them have conspired to create the greatest catastrophe in human history. Cut to black!

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