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We learned some important facts on this episode:

- Janis is a lesbian, and she puts out on the first date! However, she quickly ended the relationship after her new girlfriend brought up Janis' flash forward - found via the Mosaic website - and her impending pregnancy. Things at work were going well for her, at least: Janis and company discovered off structures in Somalia as part of their look into the crow deaths there in 1991.

- Stan has a major history in DC. The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee that chaired the meetings that decided which national operation receives funding for blackout research tracked down Stan in the hall and made a reference to a "woman" he was involved with years ago. Senator Joyce Clemente also said she saw herself as President in six months.

During the hearings, she grilled Mark about why so much of his vision was hazy. When stating it as she did, the idea of putting so much money into this FBI investigation really did seem crazy. But Stan got the funding necessary anyway: he bribed the President.

Apparently, the big man in the oval office was the one that had an affair, and it even produced a kid. Back in the day, Stan helped to cover it up. But he threatened to now expose the affair unless the President got Clemente off the FBI's back. He did so - by naming her Vice President because his previous VP died in the blackout. Very interesting. We like the idea of some people using the blackout for selfish, personal reasons.

Meanwhile, Mark was forced to admit to Stan that his vision of the future was hazy because he was drunk. This certainly pissed Stan off and led to an interesting text message: someone texted Olivia, from a number she couldn't reply to, that Mark was drinking during his flash forward. No way it was Stan, right? Who else could it have been?

The ending of the episode was explosive... literally! A SUV pulled up and fired at Demetri, Stan and Mark inside their car. Somehow, they escaped, pulled out their guns and managed to shoot the car away, forcing it to flea. Janis wasn't as lucky.

Walking home, she was gunned down. She was able to shoot the perpetrator in the back, but she lay on the sidewalk as the screen faded to black. She seemed nice and all, but the show definitely has to kill her off in order to pose the question: what happens when someone's future vision is proven incorrect?

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FlashForward Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Mark is an alcoholic, Olivia. He doesn't need a reason to drink. He drinks because he drinks.


If you can't trust Mark, who can you trust?