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Al, Demetri and Mark visited the Blue Hand club this week, and were shocked at what they saw:

Countless people, referring to themselves as "ghosts," were on hand. Each saw nothing in his/her flash forward and, like Demetri, assumed it meant they would die. As a result, they were up for anything: sex, bondage, electrocution. As the FBI agents surveyed the scene, a man appeared that referred to himself as Dr. Reino (guest star Keith Callum Rennie). It appeared as though he was about to commit suicide, but the agents jumped him.

While interrogating this man, who turned out to be a regular school teacher prior to the blackouts, the FBI discovered how dire the situation was: these meetings were being held around the country and everyone was resigned to the flash forwards coming true.

That isn't great news for Demetri, of course, who saw darkness. He eventually admits this to Zoey, who swears she saw her fiance in her flash foward. Why don't they just to believe that one? Okay, Demetri says, but he doesn't seem convinced.

In other relationship news: Lloyd says he is having Dylan transferred to San Francisco and swears nothing will ever happen between he and Olivia. Still, there's tension - and a lack of trust - at home between her and Mark.

Also: Nicole volunteered at the hospital and encouraged Bryce to follow through on his vision. It involved a mysterious woman that appears to be Asian and, Nicole thinks, residing in Japan.

Let's turn to Aaron: at work, he's approached by a former soldier named Mike. At first, Mike gives Aaron a pocket knife Tracy supposedly wanted him to have. This gives Aaron hope that Tracy is alive because he is giving the knife back to her in his vision.

But Mike later tells Aaron he was with Tracy when their vehicle was destroyed and he saw her dead body. Aaron believes this, but is in for a shock at the end of the episode: Tracy is sitting in his apartment and says hello.

The hour concludes on a tragic, somewhat baffling note: throughout the episode, we saw glimpses of Al's flash forward. As depicted in previous installments, he's with a British agent, going over a case. But now we see him take a phone call from an attorney, who says that a woman is dead. (We later learn her name is Celia). She had two kids and Al is grief-stricken. He says on the call that it's his fault.

Back in present day, Al comes up with a solution, one that will enable Celia to live and will make everyone realize that the future is not set in stone: he goes to the roof of the FBI building. His friends and co-workers plead with him to come down, but it's too late. Al says his gift to Celia, and the world, is to "change the game" and prove that the future can be changed. He jumps to his death.

One intriguing tidbit: during a quick scene, we saw Simon, looking sad, and holding a bracelet with the name Annabelle on it. Hmmm....

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