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What did we see on this episode of FlashForward? A rundown of events from it:

- Janis is alive, a development we weren't big fans of because her death would have thrown the show for a nice loop. Her surgery involved damage to her uterus, however, making it difficult for the character to ever get pregnant. Still, it didn't make her flash forward impossible at all.

- Demetri and Al spent the hour tracking down a clue. They found a stamp of a blue hand on one of the bodies of one of the guys that gunned down Janis. On Mark's board, Demetri recalled seeing a note about a "blue hand" scribbled. The pair of agents followed this clue and ended up at what appeared to be some party or meeting gone horribly wrong. There were dead bodies everywhere. One of them was identified as Ian Rutherford, which jogged Al's memory: in his flash forward, he's speaking to someone about the "Rutherford case."

- Mark and Olivia realized they can't trust one another. The fallout came to a head after Dylan wandered away from the hospital and ended up at the Benford's home, which is kept referring to as "my house, too." We got glimpses of his flash forwad, during which he and Charlie and getting along well inside this residence. When Lloyd comes to pick his son up, he and Mark and Olivia all meet for the first time. Awkward!

Mark pretty much throws Lloyd out and confronts Olivia about him. She responds by forcing Mark to admit he was drinking in his vision. Don't these two realize that they are ensuring a self-fulfilling prophecy?!? Due to this tension, an affair between Olivia and Lloyd seems inevitable.

- Then there was Simon. We first see him picking up a woman on a train, telling her that he's a quantum physicist. He also tells her about his flash forward... in which he chokes someone to death! At the end of the episode, he surprises Lloyd in the latter's car and says "we" have to talk. He implies that more than just these two individuals were involved in the global blackout. Lloyd's response:

"Our experiment killed 20 million people, Simon. What more is there to say?"

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FlashForward Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Aaron: Was that a kangaroo?
Charlie: That was the best costume I have ever seen.

Our experiment killed 20 million people, Simon. What more is there to say?