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On the second episode of FlashForward, the FBI really stepped up its efforts to determine what's going on. It did this despite, or maybe because of, the presence of a woman from Homeland Security that couldn't believe the agency was spending so much money without any real proof that the global blackout was a scheduled event.

But this woman began to see the light as Janis showed her The Mosaic Collective, the website the FBI has set up where everyone can post their flash forwards. Using cool technology, the agency is cross checking each posting and figuring out what they have in common.

Janis is also doing all she can to determine the identity of Suspect Zero, the man walking around a stadium in Detroit when the blackout took place.

Another identity the team is working on would be D. Gibbons. This was a name on Mark's board. In one scene, as he and Demetri are debating whether or not the future takes place as they saw it, a woman comes into the office. She says her vision involved an argument on the phone, where she used the names "Agent Benford and Agent Noh," so now here she was, asking what was going on.

Through interrogation and a few clues, the FBI realizes this lady's credit card has been stolen and is being used in Pigeon, Utah. They track down this second D. Gibbons and enter a former doll warehouse where he might be hiding. In the coolest scene of the episode to date, Mark, Demetri and a local policewoman come upon a man surrounded by dolls - and explosives! He shoots and kills the woman, sets off a few of his explosives and escapes.

It's later determined, via Janis' cool computer work, that this guy was on the phone with Suspect Zero when the blackout occurred. Also, the scene above is noteworthy for multiple reasons:

- A picture of one of these dolls is on Mark's board in the future;

- The policewoman that was killed had seen blackness in her vision, just like Demetri. Now, she was dead. Uh-oh.

Back in California, Olivia and daughter Charlie were also a main focus of the episode. Charlie gets in trouble at school, as she's the only student that doesn't wanna talk about what she saw in her blackout. When Olivia takes her to the hospital, Charlie freaks out when she sees Dylan, the boy whose life Olivia saved last week and who someone knew Olivia's name. Charlie says she saw this boy in her vision.

Meanwhile, Olivia saw his father in hers: that's Lloyd Simcoe, the man she supposedly loves in the future. In the present, Olivia does all she can to not get close to him, even though he has a very sad story: his son is Autisic and his wife, from who he is separated, died in the blackout. When Lloyd breaks this news to Dylan, he replies: "I wanna see Olivia."

Weird. Dude has never really met Olivia.

The episode concludes with two frightening scenes:

  1. A woman calls Demetri, who has posted his dark blackout on The Mosaic Collective, and tells him she was reading an intelligence report in her vision; and, she's sorry, but he'll be murdered on March 15, 2010.
  2. Charlie scaring the heck out of her dad and out of viewers: awoken in the middle of the night, she tells Mark something about her blackout. She simply says: D. Gibbons is a bad man.
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FlashForward Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Olivia: This man means nothing to me.
Mark: For now.

Olivia: I am never gonna be unfaithful to you, Mark.
Mark: We don't know what "never" means anymore.