Their Toughest Trial Yet - For Life
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  • The trial is taking place and it's being livestreamed with the jury sequestered becaue of the pandemic.
  • Aaron makes his opening statement and shares footage of what kind of dad Andy was. 
  • Matranga gives his testomy on the stand, but it can't be corroborated by the video because Veronica has text messages from Sherwin thanking Masry for letting him go.
  • They're floundering after the testimony. The team are debating what to do.
  • Henry is shooting down suggestions, and calls Aaron out on being too close to the case. 
  • A man comes in asking for Aaron and Says Blue Lives Matter before shooting, but Henry jumps in the way and gets shot in the chest instead.
  • They agree that they have to put Marcel on the stand. 
  • Jamal reaches out to some people on the outside to have Aaron protected when they realize it was a hit out on Aaron.
  • Veronica and Aaron talk. He comments on her taking on this case as a Black woman, and she reminds him that Black women died the same week as Andy and yet Aaron didn't take on those cases. 
  • They arrested the man who shot Henry. He drove all the way up to Virginia. Scotty tells him that he will recommend he be taken off of probation. 
  • Diaz was attacked by Russians before taking the stand, and it's likely relatedto the call Jamal made. 
  • Diaz pleads the fifth even after Masry finds a way to introduce the video. 
  • Veronica talks things over with Linsley who knows that it isn't looking good for him. 
  • They both make their closing statements. 
  • They charge Linsley with criminal negilgent homicide and not manslaughter.
  • Andy's wife makes a powerful statement. 
  • The judge gives Linsley the max of four years in prison. 
  • Aaron visits Henry and they make up. 
  • He talks to Jamal about not associating with each other outside of lawyer meetings and that he's still working on the case. 
  • Dawkins calls Jamal and still has it in for him.
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For Life Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

When the trial is over, I'm going to recommend that you be taken off of probation. You and I both know it's ridiculous.


So if a Black woman does anything outside of your rule book she's a race traitor?