A Hostile Community - For Life
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  • They arrested Sherwin for selling alchol to a minor to set him up. He wants to back out, but he can't. They get him a laywer. 
  • Veronica interviews the cops to get their story for matters and prepare for the case.
  • Diaz shows up and tells the other two cops what the story is. Matranga is the one who is possibly paying the price when he didn't do anything. 
  • Aaron, Henry and the others are getting prank calls. 
  • Jasmine makes a petitoin for Ronnie online. 
  • The AG tries to get Veronica to offer a deal in her own self interest. 
  • Henry asks his old friend for help with the case but he refuses because of the Blue Line.
  • The cops pull Aaron over. 
  • They kept Aaron to make him late for his curfew. Scotty is there when Aaron gets home and asks for their badge numbers. 
  • Henry's reporter friend is coming at him with a heads up for dropping the collars for dollars case. 
  • Aaron is discouraged. He tells Marie how afraid he is. 
  • Veronica is feeling the heat for representing the cops. 
  • Aaron talks to Marcel again and has him go overwhat he saw. He uses a video of that to talk to Matranga. 
  • They show him the video of the pullover to ask him why he lied and protected his partner. 
  • They offer him immunity if he testfies. 
  • Matranga's lawyer tells Veronica that they're going to withdraw from the joint defense. 
  • Safiyah tells Sherwin to leave town for a few weeks. They can use the video if he isn't there to authenticate it. 
  • Henry goes down a deep dive and is strugling with all the bad things that they're saying about him. He thinks he's dragging Aaron down.
  • aaron finds his house tagged with R.I.P and Blue Lives Matter. He wants to send Marie and the kids away until the trial is over.
  • Veronica shows up to offer Aaron a deal of a one year sentence. 
  • Aaron indicts Diaz with his team. And stics u forthem.
  • Aaron talks to Spencer and Spencer tells him that the case against Ronnie is dropped. He apolgizes again expresses his regrets for what happened to Aaron. 
  • Sherwin got out of town. 
  •  Marie chooses to stay with Aaron. 
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For Life Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

The man was murdered, shot in the back. Why do so many people have to suffer for him to get justice?


Sherwin: You were arrested for something you didn't deserve?
Aaron: Yes.
Sherwin: Then look me in the eye, Mr. Wallace, and tell me you didn't think something like that could happen.