Police Corruption - For Life
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  • Aaron gets some new suits and the lady at store flirts with him.
  • Aaron goes to visit Jamal in prison and he tries to get him to consider talking about how due to his childhood, something could have prompted him to snap when he hurt Georgia's boyfriend.
  • Marie feels like Jasmine is giving her the cold shoulder.
  • Henry takes on a case with a woman who gets charged for theft for jumping the turnstile. She's a DACA kid who faces deportation. She only goes there because of Aaron.
  • They present the case to Aaron and he likes that they already have a plan.
  • Aaron talks to Georgia about Jamal and their upbringing. She was surprised to learn that Jamal told Aaron he's gay. Their father picked up on it and got aggressive.
  • They have a plan to fight Paola's case and go against the police department.
  • Jazz is staying with Ronnie's family, and Aaron meets up with her to tell her not to take things out on her mother.
  • The police union is pissed that Aaron is going after them and threaten Dez.
  • Marie tries to get Jazz to come back home for AJ's first Christmas.
  • Henry tries to talk to an ex cop from his AA meetings, and he wants to appeal to him for help, but it backfires.
  • Later, the guy comes to Henry's home to apologize and the cop offers to testify anyway to make amends.
  • Georgia breaks up with her boyfriend, and she calls Aaron saying she doesn't have anywhere to go. She asks Aaron to come get her. He's about to violate his curfew to get to her.
  • Scotty comes to the courthouse and arrest Aaron for violating his probation before trial.
  • Henry takes over and questions his witness who proves that the cops do participate in collars for dollars for overtime.
  • Charlotte brings in a list of more cops willing to testify, so the judge subpoenas for the cop records.
  • Aaron's probation officer tells him that he gave him a wakeup call, but they let him go.
  • Aaron goes to talk to Jamal again. He wants to know why Jamal isn't doing everything he can to get out and challenges him on that.
  • Jamal tellls Aaron to get his own house in order with everything going on with Jazz and Marie. 
  • Aaron goes to the house and talks to Marie. He goes inside to decorate the tree.
For Life
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For Life Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Your honor, everyone sitting here knows that collars for dollars exist. I know it, she knows, and you know it.


I'm only here for Aaron Wallace.