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After a young woman's death is ruled a suicide Doctor Henry Morgan and Detective Jo Martinez team up to prove there was foul play.

This leads to them meeting with her professor and Henry stealthily stealing his pen to match the DNA. It matches and upon being hauled in for questioning the police are ready to send him down for the murder but Henry has a change of heart after witnessing his interrogation and checks for more DNA in the victims mouth. It's not a match for the professor.

The professor is then found dead in apparent suicide but Henry uses his strong observational skills to prove someone made it look like a suicide and the killer is still on the loose.

Upon checking the CCTV the professors wife was in the building but Henry knows who the killer is and confronts him. It is a boy in the class who only got credit for research in a project while the deceased Vicki got more credit because she was having an affair with the professor. Upon being confronted he threatens to kill Henry in full view of a camera.

Henry manages to break free by demanding the police shoot and the bullet grazes Henry but wounds the killer.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Henry. You can learn a lot from a body. How a life was lived. What was their pain. Suffering Life experiences. Even i they were loved. But what a body can't tell you is why and for those left behind that seems to be the only question that matters,

Hanson: Well doc cause of death seems a bit obvious.
Henry: I couldn't agree more. Manner of death accidental.
Hanson: What? The guy has an axe sticking out of his head.