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Henry and Jo investigate when a series of deaths is linked to an anti-aging product. 

The investigation leads them to a part to Chinatown and upon seeing a lady looking out of place they follow her up a seedy alley and a door. the door takes them into a thriving mecca of people paying for anti- aging shakes that make them look younger. 

Upon further investigation Henry concludes that this is the root cause for the deaths. When Henry and Jo go to a party to confront the doctor who is on all the media related to the product they are shocked when he is murdered. 

At a loose end Henry looks further into the evidence and realises that the ingredient in the shakes is brains and thar bodies have been going missing from morgues all over town. 

After asking Lucas it he confirms it is the ambulance driver and Henry and Jo swing into action to catch him. They catch him in the act.

After Abe is on the list of customers he identifies the woman he spoke to as the doctors girlfriend and follows her. She admits all to Henry and that she didn't mean to kill people before attempting to take her own life. 

Henry saves her. 

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Forever Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Your gonna break the window.


Sometimes I worry. I mean I think, who's gonna take care of you when I'm gone?