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Henry and Jo begin to investigate when a body turns up with no apparent cause of death. Henry realizes the man was into s and m. They investigation leads them to Iona, a dominatrix who the man had regular meetings with. Henry grows close to her because he doesn't believe she is the killer and she helps him with some secrets from his past. She is arrested on suspicion of murder as she has previously went over the line on a job. Upon being released, she kisses Henry and asking him to keep in contact. He declines and she leaves. Henry is then kidnapped by someone. We find out it is Cliff, a jealous client of Iona's. He is the killer. He killed the victim because Iona reduced his meetings with her. The bureau saves Henry from his clutches. 

Jo notices the bullet wound on henry and questions it. Later, Henry appears to begin telling Jo his secret, but they are interrupted. 

Abe's ex wife shows up in town and seems eager to get Abe back. Abe arranges a dinner date to let Henry meet her, but when Henry is kidnapped, he doesn't appear. Abe decides to end things with Maureen. 

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Forever Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jo: What is your point Henry?
Henry: It's a fine line between pleasure and pain.

The way we treat our bodies affects who we are.