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A human heart is send the the police department. Henry and Jo begin the search for a missing woman, and re trace her last few steps, which leads them to abandoned tunnels, and the torso of a body.

Adam returns and gives Henry clues about the case. He leaves the mobile he called Henry from, next to the scene.

Henry takes the phone, as he and Jo pursue someone in a library. It is revealed he is a writer, and he has a rabid fan base for the comics he writes, which feature similar killings to The Ripper.

Upon further investigation, they find a young man named Devin has been threatening people online. He is arrested and knows way too much about police protocol. it is later revealed that his dad is the killer. He attempts to kill Henry, by stabbing him, and informing him he has minutes to live. 

Jo appears on the scene and shoots him dead. Just before that, Adam killed Henry to ensure Jo doesn't see him dying, and vanishing.

Henry argues with Adam on the phone. He implies that Adam doesn't know as much about him as he is led to believe. Adam disgarees and Henry throws the phone away.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Now, that's what i'm talking about.


Henry: What exactly were you expecting?
Lucas: I dunno, Action?