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It's opening night of Cabaret. Bobby doesn't want to watch because he expects the same response he got from Sweet Charity.

Paddy pounds on Bobby's door the next morning. He's angry he was left hanging talking with Cy all night.

The papers have nothing but rave reviews. It gives Bobby a new vigor for his craft.

Gwen is visiting Joan who stil remains in the hospital.

At Pippin rehersals, Rachel wants food. She's sitting in there with him. Bobby asks girls over to his place one night after another.

Gwen's play is only 45 minutes long at this point, so she'd love for Bobby to return to the play before opening to talk to the playwright about rewrites. He watches her walk out the door, and then over at the other women.

On Gwen's first night off in a month, she wants to take a bath, but Nicole wants her to watch The Partridge Family.

Bobby has an Oscar nomination for Cabaret. At Gwen's opening night, she delivers the news to Bobby that it's closing the next day. Notices are catastrophic, the reviews terrible.

One of Bobby's Pippin actresses busts in on the couple talking. He doesn't want her to be alone if she's unhappy. She wishes he had made it to the show last week. He has no reply.

Bobby wants the end of the musical. The lead is either going to retire to a farm and choose love, or he's gonna set himself on fire. That's what he wants.

Bobby walks one of the girls home and tries to force himself on her. She ends up kicking him in the balls.

Bobby continues to have visions of suicide. Pills, jumping off the wall. Whatever works.

Sherry is much too stiff, according to Bobby. He stands right in front of her and drills her. She's too stiff, her smile isn't enough. The cane should be moving. It's all leading up to him kicking her out and bringing in Annie, the girl who rebuffed him earlier in the play.

Gwen has his number. She also has good news about Chicago. They're about to get the rights to it, but Bobby doesn't want to commit. It angers Gwen to the point she lays into him about not visiting Joan who has a month left, at best.

Bobby and a date are at Deep Throat doing drugs. He has one Oscar nomination and 3 Emmy nominations.

Gwen is with Joan again talking about a new man in her life. She wants to imagine Joan going home and meeting Ron the first time Bobby does.

Joan is very worried for Nicole. She needs her mom.

Sherry asks Bobby out for a drink so she can get back on the show.

When Gwen gets home, she looks at Nicole differently.

Bobby calls Gwen at 3am because he needs her for the ending. She hangs up on him.

Bobby wins awards left and right. He's no happier about it than he was without the awards. Bobby thanks Gwen during his Oscar speech, but not Nicole.

More long nights, more drugs. Just like Paddy said, it's all bullshit. Happy yet, Paddy wonders?

Bobby gets his Oscar and goes home to Gwen. She's in bed with another man, of course.

When Bob gets back to his hotel, he looks longingly out the window.

You got everything you wanted, but it's still not enough.

Bob winds up in the Payne Whitney psychiatriac facility.

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Fosse/Verdon Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

We're gonna take whatever's here and we're gonna blow it all up. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun.


Paddy: Bobby, reviews like these, you got a blank check. Anything you want to do from now on, Broadway, Hollywood -- total freedom.
Bobby: It's incredible.
Paddy: It's incredible.