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It's the first day of Cabaret editing, and Bobby isn't pleased to discover someone took a pass at it without him present.

His first thoughts make him sick. It's unwatchable.

Bobby is super dramatic and imagines dancing in the hallway and getting sucked into a dark abyss.

It's time for dinner at Gwen's house, and Nicole is channeling Zorro.

Bobby arrives at the house for dinner bringing his own sesame chicken. When Gwen hears his voice, she fluffs herself so she looks good.

Bobby has word of a new play, Pippin. Gwen points out that he had turned that down previously because he thought it was crap. When he tries explaining it to Nicole, he realizes it still sounds pretty bad but Daddy will fix it.

He wants her help, but Gwen got a play. Bobby talks down to her about the play and straight acting, but she fires back.

He ultimately wants her with him. The German girl left him, so he reaches for Gwen.

When Gwen doesn't step into his arms, Bobby reaches out to any breathing woman.

While getting ready to read her play script, Gwen recalls her past and some abuse she suffered.

Bobby decides to cut a number from the movie that doesn't do anything to move the story forward.

When Gwen arrives at the editing room, Bobby is super excited. Then he sees she brought Nicole with her. Gwen needs him to watch Nicole, but he balks.

He also wants Gwen to stick around for Pippin. He even throws a part in Pippin onto the table to try to get her to stick. She thinks he looks terrible and wonders about his health. He's not sleeping. Seconal and dexadrine aren't helping. Gwen suggests taking more.

Gwen is dining with her agent, Mel, who cannot believe she's supposed to audition for a role in a play. She's Gwen Verdon! She thinks it's OK since it's a straight play.

Bobby, meanwhile, leaves Nicole with Uncle Paddy. That's Paddy Cheyefsky. Bobby is going back to the editing room where Nicole says Chrissy invited her back anytime. 

They're watching a werewolf movie when Gwen arrives wondering where Bobby is. This sparks more memories of Gwen's past. She was left with a man who abused her.

Bobby just got done screwing Chrissy. He takes a drug and then screws her again. Paddy can wait.

Bobby arrives back at the hotel to Gwen and Nicole, who he thought would be gone. 

Gwen and Bobby argue over the impropriety of the evening.

Gwen had braces on her legs when she grew up, so becoming a dancer was even more special.

Gwen recalls the man she was supposed to trust as a family friend and business associate who got Gwen pregnant. Mr. Hennigan. He agrees to marry her.

There are six men at the audition when Gwen arrives. She wants to do it standing. She gets the part but wasn't first choice for the role.

She's not living up to the director's expectations and every move she makes warrants a note. 

Gwen arrives at Cabaret. She needs to do what she does best.

The whole scene reminds them both that they are better together. She thinks he didn't really need her, but he just can't stand to be alone.

Nicole bought the album for Godspell and they laugh over it before Bobby asks about the play. He takes a look at the story they've given her and he offers advice that Gwen doesn't like.

She recalls leaving her son with her parents before leaving for work. Her father thinks she's worth nothing other than shaking her ass.

When Gwen starts using her experiences in the play, Joe seems a bit more interested in her acting.

It's not that she was having issues with the role, it was that it brought up too many terrible memories.

When she finishes the scene, she looks to Joe for validation, but he gives her nothing but more notes.

When she was in Can-Can, she was changing but called back to the stage. People loved her. It was the first time she'd ever been so adored as the crowd cheered Verdon Verdon.

Gwen craved the spotlight to drown out the cries of her baby.

It's 1972 and with 28 years left, she's still haunted by the cries of her baby when she left him.



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