An Epic Partnership - Fosse/Verdon
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Bob is dressed up and waiting for something when he gets a knock at the door.

Hollywood/19 Years Left

Gwen and Bob are in the dance studio working on some choreography.

Gwen is teaching the cast of Sweet Charity some moves and imparting her wisdom. Bob is very particular in the way he shoots a scene, and everything has to be perfect.

Someone representing the studio is worried that Bob won't cut Charity's line telling someone "up yours." Gwen doesn't promise him anything but instead shares with him what she does when she's nervous. Deep breaths.

Hey Big Spender!

New York/18 Years Left

Gwen says she and Nicole stopped by the Ziegfeld and saw a line down the street to buy tickets to Sweet Charity.

Bob is in a good mood and pulls Gwen to him before they greet their guests.

Nicole is walking through the party eating olives out of martinis and popping cigarettes into Bob's mouth.

The morning after the party, things are not as rosy. Sweet Charity may be record-breaking, but it's for losing $20 million.

Fosse is lost after reading the reviews that suggest the missing element was Gwen Verdon, the star who wasn't even in the movie.

Cy Feuer doesn't think Bob Fosse has what's needed to do an intimate adult drama. Fosse counters with a story about his time in the war. The audience was missing limbs, but he was on stage dancing away like there was none of the darkness outside. 

Bob decides to go to the top. Manny Wolf.

Gwen is trying to secure the rights to Chicago even though those in the know think there isn't a place for a musical in today's monument.

She was covering the bases in case Bob didn't get the job. He did. Liza Minelli is playing Sally.

Munich/16 Years Left

Bob is in Munich filming. He meets Hanna, the translator for the production. Cy is in Munich to make sure he doesn't make another $20 bomb. It doesn't sit well with Bobby.

Bobby recalls all the times he was training to be a dancer and the horrible words drilled into his head. There is always someone out there working harder. Don't think I can't replace you a hundred times over.

Joan Simon is Gwen's best friend.

Bobby strives for realism and pulls hookers from a brothel to play the hookers and streetwalkers for Cabaret.

Bobby starts falling for Hannah.

Bobby calls Gwen because he needs her to come to Munich. She wonders if she'll be unhappy when she gets there. Knowing just what she means, Bobby says no, but there is a woman in bed beside him.

Gwen makes things better just by being there. She even flies across the world to get the perfect ape costume for his production. 

What she gets in return is an insecure man who cheats on her all the time.

Washington, D.C./8 Minutes Left

Bobby answers the door. It's Gwen. She looks magnificent. It's time.

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Fosse/Verdon Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

"Sweet Charity is a movie haunted by the presence of an unseen star -- Gwen Verdon. Although Ms. McClaine often looks like Ms. Verdon, she never succeeds in recreating the eccentric line that gave cohesion to the original."


I knew it wasn't going to be any good.