A Rising Star - Fosse/Verdon
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Baim Simon and Gwen are in Majorca discussing the Fosse/Verdon marriage. Gwen can't believe Baim doesn't miss dancing. Bain says she was never Gwen Verdon.

Gwen is recalling her first meetings with Bobby. Lunching with Hal who is trying to get Gwen together with Bobby. Bobby is choreographing a new 

267 days since Verdon's first Tony award

She meets with Bobby for the first time. In the recital room, Bobby stages the scene so he looks cool when she arrives. They're both working very hard to impress one another.

Gwen tells Bobby she saw his wife in something and she was very good. Bobby noticed Gwen's boyfriend was very tall.

Bobby has ideas about Whatever Lola Wants as a suggestive dance cum striptease.

Their relationship flourishes at the expense of his marriage to Joan McCracken.

Back in Majorca, they're falling apart while he begs to allow things to remain as they are at Gwen's expense.

Bobby hears Hal talking about cutting a number from the next room. He's annoyed that they're talking without him and imagines being a kid tapdancing his heart out but nobody notices.

Bobby leaves Joan and goes directly to Gwen's room. He needs her to help him make it right.

They add a new song about pain. But it's fun!

Joan visits Gwen to tell her it's all fun and games until Bobby meets a Gwen (or a Joan) as Bobby searches for whoever can make him better and make him a star.

Gwen wants to let him go, but she can't. They issue ultimatums to each other, but Bobby balks at leaving Joan.

Gwen remembers it all as she contemplates their past on the beach in Majorca. 

When Gwen leaves Bobby in Majorca, he can't believe it. 

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Fosse/Verdon Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gwen, if I didn't think the two of you were a perfect match, I would tell the guy to go take a hike, I promise you. There is a real sense of humor in his work, a real joy, but sophisticated like Chaplin. Like Verdon!


Baim: You have to work things out. You and Bobby the only other couple that Neil and I can stand. Every marriage goes through rough patches.
Gwen: Not yours!
Baim: I threw a frozen veal chop at Neil's head last week.