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The boys get a mysterious phone call from Infeld. He has them get a briefcase out of his safe and tells them to bring it to The Desert Opal Casino in Las Vegas. It's a matter of life and death but don't open the briefcase.

Dan opens the briefcase anyway. It has  $150,000 in cash, passports, a pipe, a flask and cufflinks. Once in Vegas, Infeld tells them he wanted the cufflinks. He wants to be buried in them and he expects to be dead in 48 hours.  

When Infeld was nine, a seer told him he would die in Vegas at age 66 by way of a fish. The boys think it's ridiculous. As a thank you for rushing down, Infeld gives a bunch of cash and tells them to live it up in Vegas. The boys hit it big at black jack. 

Everyone at the casino seems to know Dan. The boys are accused of cheating and their winnings are taken and they are arrested. The boys prove that the casino knew that Dan was a card counter and let him play anyway, lying in wait to arrest him and his friends. The charges are dropped.

Infeld believes he's going to die after eating a piece of puffer fish at dinner. He doesn't. Later, alone in his room, he begins to choke on a goldfish cracker.  

Damien and Anita head to HR before diving into a relationship. They later end up on opposite ends of a case the brings out the worst in them. Even though HR gives them the go ahead, they both seem to balk at moving forward in their personal relationship.

Swatello things that Jared is going to marry Bonnie in Vegas and rushes down to stop him. Embarassed to find out she was wrong, she plans to leave the city. Jared finds her and the two reconcile, deciding they want to give their relationship a real try.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

My ninth birthday all I got was the Milenium Falcon with the stowaway bay.


Peter: Well, you know you can trust us.
Jared: We've got attorney friend privilege.