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Coach Taylor contemplates taking the position at Texas Methodist University and making a rash decision that could turn his family upside down. The town of Dillon and especially the Panther players gear up for the State title game in Dallas. With mass tension off the field reaching a boiling point, everything comes to a head at the annual Panther Roast.

As the episode kicks off, Coach and Tami are asleep in bed. Well, Coach is asleep. Tami decides to wake him up. He freaks out as he thinks he missed his flight, but she just wants to talk. She has a bad feeling about moving to Austin, and begs Eric not to give the coaching staff and the team a definite answer at the meeting today.

Then the alarm goes off.

Meanwhile, Tim (Taylor Kitsch) and Bo's mother are also in bed when Bo tarts banging on the door, asking for food. Tim tumbles out the window in haste. Minutes later, he knocks on the door, like a respectable gentleman, and Bo answers with glee, ready for his idol to hang out some more of the day. His mother is clearly uneasy about what they're all doing here.

Coach takes a tour of the facilities at TMU. In the meeting, the coaches tell him that the other guy they're looking at is ready to take another job, and since they can't afford to lose their second choice, they're going to need an answer immediately. Coach looks around at all of their inquisitive faces, his hair frazzled as if to say, "My wife woke me up early and did this to me." He thinks for a minute, then accepts the offer.

Landry shows up at Tyra's, proclaiming that he skipped Calculus. Tyra asks if he's ever done that before in his life, and he mumbles "Yeah, a few times... no." Landry asks if she has told anyone about the other night, and she snaps back that there's no one to tell. It's no one else's business and he's not allowed to tell anyone either.

Landry is torn.

Smash and some of his football buddies are complaining about the fact that they have to attend the roast. Smash tries out a lame joke which some guy makes fun of him for, and as Smash reverts to "I'm Smash!" mode, Waverly pulls him away. She tells him she can't go to the roast, because it's too much stress for her right now.

This saddens Smash but he capitulates.

Jason runs into Suzie at the City Clerk's office. He's filling out papers for his new coaching job and she's paying off some parking tickets, since she's in Dillon for the next couple of weeks, helping her sister move. Or something. Jason asks her out to a movie, and she accepts, and they make plans for Thursday.

Landry asks Tami for advice on what to do about an anonymous "friend" who was assaulted and doesn't know whether he or she should say anything. He soon caves and tells her it's Tyra. Tami immediately shows up at Tyra's, wanting to talk about it.

Jason shows up late to his first practice as an assistant, which Coach is not pleased with. But he soon improves his standing by continuing to be a mentor to Saracen. Later, his date with Suzy doesn't go so well when Lyla sees them out together and flies off the handle.

Cut to the big roast. Every single cast member is there, and they're giving awkward stares to each other, depending on the situation - Buddy to Lyla, Matt to Julie, Landry to Tyra, Jason to Lyla, etc. Smash repeats his lame joke from before ("Matty used to be so shy he had to email all his plays!") to a bunch of girls.

Then things really get going.

Smash rips Tim's intelligence and playboy nature, then Tim remarks about Matt sleeping with Coach's daughter. Buddy steals Smash's line, everyone begins to wonder about Coach's future and tensions rise. Lastly, Jason is at Lyla's and she tells him there's nothing to say, she knows where they stand - even if he didn't have the guts to tell her himself.


Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I think that if he plays up in Dallas like he played last Friday night, they're gonna eat him for breakfast.


Coach Taylor: [to Matt] I don't want you resting on your laurels, you understand me?
Jason: You don't have any laurels, Saracen.
Coach: Not a damn one.