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As the morning comes, Tim wakes up in his neighbor’s bed. The night seems to have ended well... we'll see if the same can be said of this new (and strange) relationship.

Matt finds an envelope of money in his locker and shows Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler). He says he’ll take care of it, but an instant later the windows blow out in the office. Almost literally.

A nearby train derailed, resulting in an explosion, and the city shuts down the school because of chemicals. The sports facilities are also closed, so with only two days until the semifinals at home, Coach Taylor must find an alternate game location.

Coach Taylor meets with the opposing head coach, who suggests playing at a large, state-of-the-art field near the opposing team’s home town. Eric is not thrilled with the idea of playing the game in a different town, so he finds a new solution - an open cattle field. An impromptu field is made to official rules, and lights are installed via Arial lifts. This is going to be something else!

Waverly and Lyla Garrity vent about boys - and take out frustrations in a new way - shooting guns. When Smash notices this, he confronts Lyla and tells her to watch out for Waverly’s bipolar disorder. Waverly is not happy, but Smash tells her he cares about her - and those around her.

Lyla also spends time with Jason, confronting him again about his attitude and whether something is going on behind her back. Jason blows up and says he has nothing now without the national quad rugby team. Lyla fumes that he doesn't respect her or what they have, and departs dejectedly.

Tyra continues to study harder, which Landry sees as an opportunity to make his move. The two study and Tyra begins to do a lot better at math. Tyra asks Landry on a “date” to study Friday (game day). Landry ends up with car trouble as Tyra waits for him at a local restaurant.

Another man in the restaurant starting asking Tyra some questions, and when Landry doesn’t show, Tyra packs up her stuff and leaves. On her way out the door, she forgets her textbook, at which point the man assaults her and forces her into her truck. Tyra is able to fight off his sexual assaults, fortunately, and he runs away.

Landry finally shows up and comforts a devastated Tyra.

Jason and Coach Taylor’s legal teams meet, and Jason ends up stopping the negotiations, stating that he doesn't need the amount his family has been asking for. Instead, he writes down a number. If Coach's lawyers agree on that number, he says they can consider the matter closed. They do.

Fuming over Coach's makeshift gridiron locale, the opposition says it won't play the game. A little gamesmanship and prodding from Coach Taylor, though, changes their mind.

The game starts with a bang - of lightning - and a rainstorm. And a TD by the visitors on an onside kick. Not good. The field is a disaster and the game is wrought with miscues. A mad dash by Smash gets Dillon tied up at seven at the half, though, and Matt engineers a drive to lead the Panthers to victory as time expires.

With a hard-fought win in the game that will forever be known as the Mud Bowl, the Panthers are officially heading to the state title game! After the contest, Coach thanks Jason for mentoring Matt, and asks him if he's ever thought about coaching. Maybe young Street will find his future on the football field after all!

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

We went shooting yesterday... two girls packing heat.

Lyla Garrity

Tyra Collette: Just wish I could build a time machine and go back and shoot who ever it is that invented Algebra, that’s for sure.
Landry Clarke: Well, see, that’s kind of a Catch-22, though, because in order to invent that time machine you may need to use Algebra.