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As we had learned in the waning moments of the previous episode, Coach Taylor has indeed been offered a job at Texas Methodist. Julie, who is finally liking life in Dillon and doesn't want to move anymore, is less than thrilled with the news, to say the least. Coach tries to tell her Austin is a great city, a nice place to live, one that's very artsy like her. They even have great ballet!

Speaking of Austin, Jason Street continues to try out for the national Quad Rugby team there. Jason, nicknamed “Golden Boy,” does extremely well during the scrimmage; however, he later gets the bad news that despite his talent, he has not chosen to travel to Beijing.

Herc, as Herc does, brings Jason back to reality and tells him exactly how it is - he's damn good, but he didn't make the national team because he’s not comfortable in a chair yet. Jason continues to bond with the blonde tattoo artist, who ends up giving him a ride back to Dillon as she had to drop something off at her sister's house, which is in a nearby town.

On the way back to Dillon, they talk about Jason’s legal problems and the small town atmosphere West Texas. Growing closer by the moment, they pull over at a roadside attraction and begin kissing passionately.

Once he's back home, Lyla comes over to see Jason, but his attitude makes her believe something is suspicious. Lyla also questions their engagement and future. Jason, too, is not sure about anything right now.

Tami Taylor continues her push to reform Tyra, getting the wild child to try harder and turn life around. Tami wants Trya to go to junior college and transfer to a 4-year university after that.

Relentless, Tami tries to talk with Tyra’s mom, Angela, about Tyra's future and hopes they can “tag team” together and help her out. Sadly, Angela is a bit of a wreck who does not foresee the same things Tami sees.

Tim gets closer to his new neighbor when she asks him to pick up her son, Bo, at school. Tim shows up late to find Bo being pushed around by bigger kids. Tim intervenes, then later works with Bo on his fighting skills.

Tim, Bo, and and his mom end up watching Back to the Future that night, and the two of them fall asleep on the couch. Riggins puts Bo to bed and before he leaves, he tries to kiss the mom. She backs away awkwardly, but the next day, Tim returns from school to find her waiting for him. They go into her home and begin kissing.

Buddy, staying in a motel, has created a photo album of the good days in order to make things right with his wife. It backfires as the family does not want anything to do with Buddy and it comes off like a cheap ploy. Later that night, Lyla becomes so upset that she drives a car from his dealership and starts wrecking other cars with it.

After her meltdown, Waverly confides to Smash that she suffers from bipolar disorder, explaining her recent wild mood swings. He's upset she didn't tell him but will always stick by her just the same.

Tim runs into Jason at the convenience store, where they also bump into Matt and Smash. The four all go to the stadium and drink, talking about life and girls. Jason works with Matt about his confidence on the field, while Tim and Jason finally patch things up... or at least begin to.

The foursome ends up sleeping on the field and waking up very hung over.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Takin' it like a man, Matty. You know, avoiding the calls, ducking out, hidin' in the bushes.

Smash Williams

[drunk, in stadium] "Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you (... you .... you), the great... and noble men of Dillon Panthers Football!!!

Tim Riggins