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After having a great game, Tim and his brother go shopping. The new star fullback spots Tyra there and, despite recent differences, the two get it on in the back of the store.

Meanwhile, Lyla is all over Jason at the center. Jason can't get into it, however, as he wonders if she's been acting in a similar way with his best pal. That night, Lyla goes to Tim's house and tells him Jason knows. Tyra soon comes out, though, and she easily guesses what's been going on.

Later, Lyla admits it all to Tami in the guidance counselor office.

We then get a glimpse of Smash buying the steroids. They cost $300 per week. In need of cash flow, the desperate player  asks his mom for $1,200 for a SAT prep course; but when she turns the request down, Smash gets a job at Twisters with Matt.

Once there, Smash tries to take money out of drawer, but Matt catches him in the act. The two fight, but Smash doesn't tell his quarterback what's going on. Nor doe she tell the church folks, who decide to donate money to Smash's supposed SAT course. Moral dilemma alert, Mr. Williams!

At practice, Billy Riggins shows up and asks Coach Taylor about applying to colleges for Tim. The two plan dinner at Coach's house to discuss the matter in depth. This meal ends with a fight between brothers, though, as Billy and Tim have a tiff about how well their dad actually takes care of them from afar.

Finally, Jason prepares for his first quad rugby scrimmage. He plays in the game while Tim and Lyla watch. While the contest goes well for Street, the post-game does not: he confronts Tim and Lyla about their affair and the episode closes with him punching out his lying best friend.

Friday Night Lights
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