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Jason and Lyla try to get back together the old-fashioned way: by getting it on between the sheets following a random meeting in a convenience store Sadly, though, the ex-quarterback's lower half still isn't work and nothing is consummated

The biggest development, meanwhile, is that Saracen's dad comes home from Iraq. He's on leave for two weeks, but the reunion isn't cause for celebration. Henry Saracen can't believe what kind of shape his mother is in and refuses to get out of his Army duty in order to help take care of her. Instead, he proposes that Matt move to Oklahoma to live with his aunt.

Matt lets the anger build up inside and then tells his father to go to hell after that week's victory.

In other major news, the University of Texas calls and offers Coach Taylor the position of Quarterback Coach. Tami is oh so happy for her man.

But she's worried about Riggins not doing his own homework. Therefore, she arranges a tutoring relationship between him and Landry. Despite a rocky beginning, these two eventually form a partnership and Tim manges to earn a B-minus on an oral report. How does he thank Landry?

By showing up to see him and his Christian speed-metal band Crucifictorius. Pretty funny stuff.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Jason: What are you...
Lyla: Guess what I have? Dirty... dirty, dirty... quad porn.

[to Tim] "My God, you really are ridiculous. Do you just have the rally girls do everything for you? Do they chew your food and wipe your butt for you? How does it work? I just sat hear and read the entire book to you. And you have nothing to say."

Landry Clarke