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Shelley packs up and heads for Dallas. Meanwhile, Julie and the Riggins incident - causing conflict between Eric and Riggins because of such a simple misunderstanding - resolves itself.

Julie owned up to Tim that she couldn't bring herself to tell her dad what really happened helped to make that work. Which led to some nice Eric and Julie interaction. Eric laid it all out for her. Then he apologized to Riggins, who reacted in the silent way that Riggins does.

Speaking of Tim, the Billy/Jackie story comes back to the forefront. How long has it been since Tim moved out? Long enough for Billy to lose his job, get behind on the mortgage, break up with Jackie, and have her packed up and moving out, apparently. Nevertheless, Tim and Billy more or less make up, and don't know what to do about the money Billy owes.

At least until they go to clean out Tim's stuff from the weirdo guy's home. Tim and Billy find an envelope full of cash and decide to swipe it. You know it is only a matter of time until Guy figures this out.

Then we have Smash. After some typical hot-headedness, he gets a talking to from Coach, and ultimately decides to accept a scholarship to TMU, which makes his Mama so happy, when their coach says they want him.

Finally, the Panthers were back on the field for the big game against the Lions. It ends in a melee as Coach Dickies takes out Riggins. We learn he is struggling with his wife's terminal cancer in a touching scene.

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