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Friday Night Lights began its 13-episode run on DirectTV’s 101 Network on October 1 and despite its channel change and new night (which is also its old night), it has not missed a beat.

Summer has passed in Dillon, Texas.

Smash is coping with the bad news that an injured knee would probably never enable him to run as fast as he once did. Tami has become the high school’s principal — an abrupt promotion, but still, she's a go-getter and a strong fit in that role, without question. Especially as it gives Tami more and more opportunities to clash with Buddy Garrity.

Apparently having jettisoned her religious ways, Lyla (Minka Kelly) is now doing the deed with Tim (Taylor Kitsch). These two have their second fling (free of issues regarding Jason this time) is great. Such great chemistry, not to mention realistic tension and apprehension.

Meanwhile, the big development of the night is J.D. McCoy, a freshman brought in as rookie quarterback, wastes little time in leaving his mark.

J.D. himself is a silent type (or at least we have not seen him open up at all yet), but his pushy dad made a big impression as a guy who’s gonna be the thorn in the side of Coach Taylor for some time, from the looks of it.

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