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Coach Taylor has a lot of making up to do after last week's forfeit. The team stopped showing up to practice, as even Landry basically told Coach off in school, so angry were the players that he quit on them.

But Eric appealed one final time to Vince, even visiting his drug-addicted mother in her apartment. While Vince took umbrage at how Eric butted in his life, the message got across: don't quit on yourself. By the end of the episode, Vince had helped recruit the players to return to the practive field, where Eric gave a passionate speech about "finishing the fight."

Tami, meanwhile, is now the least popular principal in Texas. After Buddy (secretly) informed Eric that star Dillon running back Luke Cafferty actually lived in East Dillon territory, she made the tough decision to remove him from the Panthers and send him to East Dillon. It was great to see her stand up to Joe McCoy, but painful to watch her get booted a pep rally.

Luke, though, appears as humble and enthusiastic as it gets. He's a welcome addition to the cast.

Also new to the cast: Jess, who works at a barbecue joint run by her father. Landry hits her bicycle with his car, giving these two something to bond over and argue about.

In ex-Panters news: Riggins volunteers his services to Coach Taylor and East Dillon and is given the keys to a trailer in the backyard of the house of the women he slept with last week. We've already met Becky, her talkative daugher that has taken a liking to Tim.

Saracen also started an internship with an artist that didn't see too happy to be working with the kid. By the end, though, he gave him subtle, possibly helpful advice.

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Friday Night Lights Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Billy, would you pass me that violin, please? You're hoggin' it!


Don't quit on me. Don't quit on yourself.

Coach Taylor