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Here's a rundown of what went down this week:

- Eric and Luke essentially struck a deal: the former would do anything in his power to get the latter a scholarship, if the latter did his best to lead the team. Luke followed the orders, even when Eric put him on defense. But Vince had a major problem with the ascension of Luke on the team and got into a major shouting match with Eric over it.

- Matt finally bonded a bit with his crazy artist mentor. He implied that Julie has been holding down Matt's talent, a fact the artist them relayed directly to Julie.

- Riggins took on more of a role as an assistant coach. He gave a helping hand to Luke and tried to shoot down the advances of Becky.

- Buddy quit the Panthers! He finally had enough of their attitude and gave a rousing speech that ended, triumphantly, with: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose! We can't wait to watch him help Eric resurrect East Dillon, despite its clear financial issues.

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