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- A video is circulating the internet of Maura the rally girl getting passed around at a party like a "drunk puppet".

- The whole team is in trouble for being in the background of the video, as are the rally girls.

- Tami and Coach have talks with the team and the girls about their behavior.

- Buddy starts a ritual where he starts showcasing the winning footballs at his new bar.

- Buddy's son, Buddy Jr., is acting out and Pam Garrity agrees to send him to Dillon.

- Vince's father gets out of jail and Vince isn't handling it well.

- Jess is made the team's equipment manager.

- Julie sleeps with her TA.


Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Tami: It didn't look to me like you were having fun. It looked to me like you were passed out cold.
Maura [rolls eyes]: Have you ever been to a party?
Tami: I sure have. I usually try to stay awake, it's a lot more fun that way.

Eric: We didn't do any of this crap when we were kids.
[Awkward Pause]
Eric: Alright, I'll see you later.
Tami: Yeah...