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In Manhattan, a micro-quake signals the merging of two buildings, one from our world with one from the “Other Side”.

The Fringe team arrives to investigate the site of the earthquake.  The building appears slightly rearranged from the outside.  The sole survivor has an extra head in his abdomen and eight appendages.  He is two people that has somehow merged together.

The survivor describes hearing dogs howling and then feeling the earthquakes.  The man, Mr. Pranchet, asks to speak to his wife, but in our world he doesn't have one.   When questioned by Walter, he says on September 11th, terrorists attacked the Pentagon and the White House.  He then dies.  This man is clearly not from our world.

Dunham is sure Thomas Newton tried to open a door from our universe to the other.

Walter begins to dissect Mr. Pranchet’s body and suddenly figures out what Newton did and what is going to happen next.  He immediately calls Dunham and Peter back to the lab.  Walter always has the key to solve the problem at hand! 

Since a building from the other side was pulled into our world, a building from our side must return to theirs.  Walter explains the universe seeks balance.  But before this happens, it will take on a glow that only Agent Dunham can see.  As a child, Agent Dunham had the ability to see things from the other side.  This was one of her powers.

Walter, Peter, and Dunham head to Jacksonville, where Walter and William Bell first conducted their trials on children. Walter’s plan is to help Dunham remember how to use her power.   

Walter begins administrating the drug Cortexiphan to Dunham, to help elevate her emotional state.  He figures once her emotional state is elevated, her power to see things from the other side will follow.  Under the drug, Dunham sees herself as a little girl and feels the fear she faced during the experiments. 

Once conscious, Agent Dunham is unable to find the items in the classroom from the other side.  The experiment didn't work because her emotion of fear wasn't evoked.  Dunham is not the scared little girl anymore.  If Dunham wants to save the people she must somehow feel fear. 

Agent Broyles finds the next area experiencing micro quakes.  Their only plan is to find a building with equal mass to the other building.  Agent Dunham is still unable to use her power. 

Peter is trying to comfort Agent Dunham, when it almost turns into a kiss.  Suddenly Dunham stops the kiss because she now is fearful. She fears she won't be able to save the lives of the people in the building in time.  Dunham looks out the window and sees a glowing structure.  She races to the building and it suddenly disappears.  All the people were evacuated just in time.

Dunham’s ability is now activated.   Peter and Agent Dunham make plans to go out for drinks.  When she arrives and looks at Peter she immediately knows he is not from our world.  Walter seems saddened by this and asks her to not tell Peter.

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Fringe Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Dunham: It's too late. I failed, I failed and I'm supposed to be the one who can stop things like this.
Peter: I've never met anyone who can do the things that you do.
Dunham: Peter, I'm scared.

I guess it's safe to say you have the rest of the night off work.