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Walter, up at 2am, is trying to think like Walternate, to figure out what the plan is with the machine and to save Peter’s life. Peter reminds Walter that William Bell took out part of his brain at his own request because he was afraid of what he might become.

There is a scene at a hospital and someone (Christopher Lloyd) is walking the halls, also at 2am. They see someone speaking with him in the hallway and he says its his son, Bobby. But Bobby died in 1985. Flash to an observer. “Did you tell him?” Bobby, “What now?” The Observer, “I take you back home.”

Olivia receives a package. It’s a book: If You Meet A Buddah On The Road, Kill Him! She is called to the hospital where she meets up with Broyles and Peter. Walter knows him as Roscoe Joyce from his favorite musical band, and tells him he is a tremendous fan.

Roscoe says seeing his son again was a miracle, but he cannot remember what he said, making it a curse. Walter needs to take him back to the lab to help him remember.

There is a jewelery store robbery, and an Observer stops it, and then reports it to the police. A lady who has been gagged asks him for help, and he hands her an inhaler from her purse and leaves.

Walter has Roscoe in a deep hypnotic state via the sound of ocean waves, is sporting special red and blue glasses in hopes to see his aura, as well as trying for an attempt to get himself a personal piano concert from one of his idols.

The book that arrived at Olivia’s was ordered when Fauxlvia was masquerading as Olivia. Peter says it was meant for the Olivia he spent the last two years of his life with, but to Olivia it reminds her of all the things she missed.

Roscoe begins playing the piano. Walter asks him to think back to the night he saw Bobby. He recalls asking if he was real. He took his hand and he was real. A phone rings. Roscoe is out of his trance and Olivia and Peter leave to find the Observer, who had been spotted in Brookline.

Bobby told Roscoe he would meet Walter Bishop and that he was to help him.

Two Observers meet. “It has begun. I have set everything in motion.” They are setting up Walter; one believes he has changed and will do what is needed and the other disagrees.

The lady who was bound explains to Peter and Olivia that the Observer saved her life.

Walter tells Roscoe that he has been working on brain mapping to fill in the gaps because of the parts taken out of his brain. He and Roscoe both concede a love for Strawberry milkshakes. Astrid goes to get the ingredients, and an Observer enters the room. “Hello, Walter. We need to speak.” It is the Observer who believes Walter has changed and can help them.

Walter and the Observer take a walk. Walter asks that he please not take Peter from him. The Observer says there are many futures happening simultaneously. He can tell him all of them, but not which one will happen.

When the Observer, years ago, helped Walter save Peter, Peter caught a firefly. Because of that, a girl down the road did not, and she stayed outside longer to try to catch more. Her father went out looking for her, skidded into an intersection and killed a pedestrian. They have altered the future in ways they could not expect. Victoria, who was in the jewelery store, was the girl who was trying to catch fireflies.

Roscoe tells Water Bobby called him one the road once, that a bald man in a dark suit took him to see him, as an old man. Walter says this was not a dream, but a travel through time, and time finally caught up to him. Bobby was on his way to the show to see his father, when he was killed by the man looking for his daughter out catching fireflies. Bobby was the pedestrian. That’s the reason Roscoe broke up his band.

Walter tells Astrid he knows what the Observer is doing. His crossing over caused unforeseen consequences and the Observer is trying to restore balance. But he cannot do it, because to do it would mean he would lose Peter all over again. Walter calls Peter to ask him to ask Victoria where she was in 1985. He says he can’t because they are in separate cars, and then an accident similar to the one in 1985 occurs as they go to commercial.

The Observer is who crashed into the police car. He also took Victoria’s inhaler. Peter says exactly what the Observer says he will. Walter freaks out and begs Peter not to do this. He is afraid to lose Peter. Walter and Astrid try to save Victoria.

Peter catches up to the Observer and asks him what is going to happen. He does not get an answer, and the observer bangs Peter up a bit.

Roscoe goes back to the hospital. He says he knows no one is supposed to have a second chance like that.

Peter and Olivia arrive back at the lab, and Peter gets out the milk that Walter has prepared to map his brain. He drinks it and collapses. Walter walks Olivia through many steps to try to save his life. Peter stabilizes.

Walter thinks that everything occurred was so Peter would take the serum and save Walter’s life.

The Observers speak outside the house, and one admits the other was right. Walter has changed. He was willing to let his son die, and when they need him to do that again, he will follow through.

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

The Observer: "It must be very difficult."
Peter: "What?"
The Observer: "Being a father."

Peter: "Walter, are you all right?"
Walter: "If all right means despondent, then yes."