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Culebras are panicking following the attack on the Lords. Freddie keeps finding culebras feeding in the wrong territory, and Seth and Richie are having trouble keeping their people in line. It turns out that the culebras will only follow Santanico, their Queen.

Seth and Richie go to Santanico's new fight club to ask for her help, but she doesn't seem to care that her people are in danger. She has a new girlfriend, Manola, and she's given up the old ways.

Kate/Amaru shows up to catch Seth's fight and to send her warrior, an Olmeca, after Santanico. Seth, Richie, and Santanico try to figure out how Kate is still alive, and more importantly, who is in control because it's definitely not Kate anymore.

Kate/Amaru tells Santanico that there can only be one queen, and she kills Manola in front of Santanico.

After defeating the Olmeca, Kate/Amaru leaves, and Seth and Richie think that Santanico has decided to join them in their fight, but Santanico runs away.

Freddie and Ximena go to Waco after learning that someone is killing culebras. What they stumble upon are the burnt remains of culebras. Brasa visited it earlier, and demanded to know where La Diosa's followers were meeting.

Freddie and Ximena make their way to the Lodge, where La Diosa's supporters are meeting, but they are too late. Brasa has already killed them all.

Brasa finds a poster for Scott's band, Fanglorious, at the lodge, and he shows it to Kate/Amaru, who demands that Brasa bring Scott to her. 


From Dusk Till Dawn
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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kate/Amaru: Can we pray?
Psychiatrist: Excuse me?
Kate/Amaru: That is what you people do, isn't it? Pray?
Psychiatrist: Why don't you tell me what you want to pray about instead?
Kate/Amaru: Please? It would make me feel so much better.

Today is my awakening.