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On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 8, Kisa returns with a very unlikely partner - Carlos. That's right, Kisa dugged up all of Carlos and put him back together again.

Carlos knows a way to get to Venganza because Venganza has what Amaru wants - bones, Amaru's to be specific. Amaru needs her bones in order to return to her own body. Carlos figures out that Venganza is hold up in Rio Sangre, a culebra prison.

Kisa's return, with Carlos in tow, does not go over well with the Geckos and company. However, they agree to let Carlos join in on the fight, mainly because he can get them into the prison.

At the prison, Seth walks in with Carlos, pretending that he is bringing Carlos to Venganza in exchange for a ticket to El Rey. Meanwhile, Scott poses as the driver of a laundry service truck, and he sneaks Kisa and Richie onto the premises.

It isn't long before Carlos sells out the Geckos and Kisa, and while he is chatting it up with Venganza, Kisa and the Geckos are at the mercy of the culebra inmates.

Unfortunately, General Tatuaje tracks them to the prison. General Tatuaje is another one of Amaru's Xibalban warriors, and he can infect people with his touch, and once that happens, they are under General Tatuaje's command.

An all out riot ensues. While Kisa and the Geckos are fighting for their lives, Carlos figures out that Venganza doesn't have Amaru's bones. The Lords consumed all of Amaru, so in order for Amaru to get her body back, Venganza needs to die.

After the riot is done, and Tauaje is dead, Freddie shows up at the prison. He tells Seth that he figured out where Amaru is hiding out, and then Freddie kidnaps Venganza in order to get Margaret and Billie back.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Well, well, well. Humpty fucking Dumpty.


I saw Xibalba. I lived in the belly of the beast. I know what's coming.