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When the two Lannister boys under his watch are murdered in the name of vengeance, Robb struggles with doing what seems right or ignoring an injustice to preserve his army's numbers. The Hound fights Lord Beric and kills him, only to see him brought back to life by Thoros. Arya sees red when they let the Hound go free. At the behest of Cersei, Little Finger learns about the Tyrell's wedding plans for Sansa. Tywin Lannister devises a plan to thwart their power play that does not sit well with Tyrion or his sister. Jon Snow and Ygritte bare all get acquainted. Jamie and Brienne also share a bath as Jamie tells the true story behind how he got his nickname. 

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

What happens to your eagle after I kill you? Does he drift away like a kite that's had its string cut?

Jon Snow

Jon Snow: We shouldn't.
Ygritte: We should.