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Daenerys and her group questioned their next move, while she called Varys out for turning wherever the power is. He let her know he would be with her at every turn. 

Melisandre showed up and said she should work with Jon, so Tyrion sent the Raven. 

Daenerys then managed to get Olenna and Ellaria to join her. Tyrion then sent the Sands away with Theon. They were attacked on the boat and two of them were killed. 

Theon reverted back to Reek and left Yara to die on the destroyed boat. Euron took Ellaria and the one surviving sand snake to Cersei. 

Arya met with Hot Pie who told her that Jon was the King in the North. This made her decide to go find her family, but she was greeted by Nymeria. 

Nymeria went off on her own plan. 

Jon found out about the Dragonglass and told his people he was leaving to meet Daenerys. Sansa led the charge to say he was making a mistake, but changed her tune when Jon revealed she would be in charge. 

Cersei was shocked to learn that Qyburn had a way for her to even the odds with Daenerys by killing the dragons. 

Samwell went on a mission to save Ser Jorah. 

Game of Thrones
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