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As the armies await the arrival of the Night King, Melisandre emerges from the darkness. 

She channels some sort of spirit to light the Dothraki army's weapons on fire. When she enters Winterfell, she tells Ser Davos that she will be dead by morning. 

When the battle kicks off, the wights steam roll the Dothraki army and the Unsullied. Samwell is on the ground and Edd saves his life ... only to die as a result. 

Davos tries to get Daenerys to light up the pit because the wights are beating them, but she can't see through the storm. 

Melisandre lights up the trenches, but the wights just jump over it to make an entrance with the ice destroying the fire. 

Daenerys and Jon are each on the dragons looking for the Night King. Daenerys narrowly avoids being killed by one of the stray spikes, and the Night King is knocked off of Viserion. 

Daenerys sets him on fire, but he emerges from it ... smiling. Daenerys leaves the scene, and Jon attempts to kill the Night King. 

Before he gets to him, the Night revives the dead and Jon engages in a battle for his life. 

Daenerys finds herself taken off the dragon when the wights attack, and Ser Jorah defends her to his final breath. 

Arya makes a mad dash through Winterfell, avoding Wights but she is saved by Clegane and Beric. The latter dies trying to save them both. 

Melisandre says Arya has seen many eye colors and the pair realize a stunning connection. 

The dead arise from the crypts, laying waste to most of the people inside. Sansa gives Tyrion the weapon Arya gave her. 

Theon defends Bran ... right up until the Night King arrives and kills him. Before he dies, Bran tells him he was a good person. 

Jon desperately fights through Wights in the Winterfell courtyard, but Viserion does not let him pass. Jon leaves Samwell to fight with a dead person. 

The Night King lifts his weapon to kill Bran, but Arya appears. The Night King grabs her, but he's too slow. 

Arya kills him and everyone of his army dies ... including Viserion. 

Melisandre then walks off into the morning light, taking her clothes and jewlry off before turning into an old woman again. 

She collapses into a heap as Ser Davos watches on in horror. 

Game of Thrones
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