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Carlos wants to get involved with the business side of the family and joins the table. Javier listens to his idea to expand into other drugs, but Ryan cautions it will cause a gang war. Carlos goes behind his father's back and has a chemist taint the Korean drug supply opening up space for them. Two people die. Ryan tells Javier what Carlos did and how it threatened the family.

Javier kills Carlos' friend and tells his son he's out of the family business. Ryan protected Carlos with Chapel, but put the risk on Javier.

Danny invests $2 million in a hedge fund even though his friend warned him it was too risky.

Cassius gets suspended after shooting a drugged up kid with a gun. The kid shot Ryan and turned to Cassius. It was a clean shooting but the father is suing the city and they don't want to take chances. Ryan threatens the father and he withdraws the lawsuit.


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