August 15, 2007 Photograph
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Part I

Edward and Monica are appalled to learn that Lulu has been keeping company with Logan. At the courthouse, Diane forces Mac to testify under oath that Jason has never been convicted of a crime. Irina calls Carly and cheerfully informs her that she's just had sex with Jax.

Part II

Rattled by the announcement of Robin (Kimberly McCullough), Patrick's initial reaction to the news irks his lover. Alan's ghost returns to Shadybrook to watch Tracy confront Scott. Logan tries to reassure the Quartermaines that he will never let his association with Sonny harm Lulu in any way.

Jerry claims he hired a female associate to play mind games with Carly.

Part III

As Edward orders Alice to give their guest the heave-ho, Lulu reminds Monica that her social life is no one else's business. Sam explains to Lucky why she didn't give in to temptation and trash Jason during her stint on the witness stand. A panicked Patrick tells Epiphany he's not ready for fatherhood.

As Jason's murder trial continues, Diane presents evidence indicating that Lorenzo is still very much alive.

Part IV

Tracy persuades Scott to agree to a DNA test to determine if he is Logan's biological father. Robin and Patrick wait on pins and needles for the results of a home pregnancy test. Jerry finally admits to Carly that he has no idea where his brother might be. Patrick is relieved when the test comes up negative but Robin suffers mixed emotions at the news.

The jury returns with a verdict in Jason's trial...

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