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PART ONE: Sonny (Maurice Benard) treats Diane to a home-cooked meal to thank her for exonerating Jason with her brilliant legal work. Carly quickly runs into trouble as soon as she arrives in Turkey. Meanwhile, Irina informs Jax she's expecting his brother that very day.

PART TWO: A seething Lucky warns Jason to stay away from his family. Sonny reminds Kate that jetting off to Paris will constitute jumping bail and will land her right back in the hoosegow. Jax tells Irina how distraught Jerry was when he thought she had died. Unmoved by his tale, Irina again vows to exact her revenge against her former lover.

PART THREE: Carly sweet-talks a Customs officer into disclosing the name of Jerry's hotel in Istanbul. Max confides to Milo why he's so worried about their employer learning how he helped Carly slip out of the country. Jerry receives proof that Irina is alive and well. Sam continues to cozy up to Lucky.

PART FOUR: At the hospital, Elizabeth admits to Emily her fear that her marriage might really be over this time. Lulu apologizes to Jason for trying to dictate his choices where baby Jake is concerned. Spinelli offers Jason advice about Elizabeth.

General Hospital
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