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The Monday, August 20 segment of General Hospital got fans off to a week of surprises and peril.

Naturally, Carly and Jerry are caught by the venomous, angry Irina who reeks her revenge on Jerry whom she feels betrayed her.

Elizabeth is strolling through the park with little Jake and her other son when thugs warn her to stay away from Jason or else. of course, unknowing to Liz, Sam has hired these goons to frighten Liz.

Jason discusses with Spinelli how much he cares for Liz and the children.

Mike throws big mouth Logan out of his restaurant. Of course, Lulu goes to his defense and his apartment.

Dr. Patrick Drake seems to be getting the evil eye from a jealous Robin. He is flirting with a cute student nurse, and it is not subtle.

He and Robin seem to be very tense with each other.

Sonny and Diane, his attorney, are trying to help Kate with role playing so she can convince the jury that she is truly sorry about hitting this car and taking off.

Much to Diane's chagrin, Kate doesn't do too well on the witness stand. Kate simply appears too flippant about this whole impending trial.

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