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On today's General Hospital, Tracy tells Luke that she wants him to attempt to live instead of abusing his body any further than he already has.

When Sonny shows up at Kate's house, she tells him that he can't just waltz in there and act like he only has her best interest in mind. Ric walks in on a conversation between Jason and Lucky about Jake's safety.

Georgie (Lindze Letherman) finds Maxie (Kirsten Storms) on the ground unconscious as the intruder runs out of the house. Georgie calls 9-1-1 to get help for Maxie and the call goes to the police station, where Mac learns of the attack. He grabs Lucky and the two head over to investigate.

Sonny apologizes for going to great lengths to protect Kate. Alexis shows up with Diane on her heels, telling Sonny to get off Kate's property. 

At the police station, Ric pushes Jason's buttons, blaming him for Emily's murder and for ruining Elizabeth's life. Johnny busts in on Trevor's lunch with Skye, saying he wanted to talk to her himself.

Georgie describes the attacker to Mac and Lucky, though she remembers few details. She shows Mac the text message she received earlier in the day from someone looking for her sister.

Ric (Rick Hearst) finds Skye dining with Trevor and Johnny, and the look of surprise on his face is clear. Diane hurries to the police station to save Jason from Detective Harper's questions.

When Sonny visits Luke in the hospital, he tells him that he doesn't want to continue living if it's only because he's too scared to die.

Tracy overhears them talking and asks to talk to her husband alone.

Jerry tracks Kate down at the hospital and tries to warn her again about getting involved with Sonny. Det. Harper tries to figure out what Leticia, Emily, Carly, and Maxie all have in common.

Sonny goes to Kate, holding her, and telling her to admit that she misses him as much as he misses her. She pulls away and shuts down.

Mac brings Maxie to the police station for questioning by Detective Harper.  Coop arrives at Kelly's, where Georgie is trying to relax, unaware that Maxie had been attacked.

Lucky arrives at the Zacchara house to bring Johnny in for questioning... as Monica tells Luke that his vitals are unstable and the bypass surgery needs to happen. Tonight.

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