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Sonny and Jason think Anthony had nothing to do with the killings and the real murderer is still on the loose. Whoever he or she may be, they're targeting the women in Sonny's life and he's taking it personal.

Luke (Anthony Geary) refuses to slow down or take care of himself, despite Tracy's pleas for him to do. Georgie gets a text message asking if she's seen Maxie but she doesn't recognize the number.

Kate looks to Alexis to make a stand against Sonny, who insists on taking her security into his own hands. Sonny looks to stop the killer before they attack someone else in his life.

Skye hands Tracy a note that says that she can't keep her away from Luke forever. Alan shows up to talk to Tracy a minute later and talking about mourning Emily's (Natalia Livingston) death.

Jason lets Sonny know that he's agreed to stay out of Jake's life. Trevor visits his son and tries to pin everything that happened on Anthony.

Skye asks Ric to find out who killed Emily. Det. Harper overhears Coop giving Georgie advice about the statement she has to make about the black and white ball.

Jason tries to convince Kate to allow Sonny to protect her. Alexis delivers legal papers to Sonny, letting him know that his stone wall is a few inches over his property line and on Kate's, who wants it torn down.

Tracy tells Monica that she doesn't want her operating on Luke. Diane and Alexis almost come to blows when Alexis finds out that Sonny has filed a countersuit. 

Luke finds out that Skye was looking for him and tells Tracy that she can't control what happens. Diane finds out that Alexis is getting designer items for her services with Kate, and declares war.

At his request, Skye meets Trevor, who wants to make her an offer. As Maxie (Kirsten Storms) prepares to head to work, an intruder in the house grabs her and strangles her.

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