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Luke Spencer has a vision, which Skye is in, and believes he's in heaven. Until Lulu comes down the stairs with her kids, her dog, and her husband Logan. This must be hell.  

Trevor promises to take more people away from Jason and he throws him down with a gun to his head. Spinelli runs in and begs Stone Cold not to kill Trevor.

Lulu apologizes for her meltdown but Logan tells her no apology necessary.  Luke keeps freezing the scene around him, wondering what has happened to his little girl.

Jason decides to listen to Spinelli and lets Trevor go - and Trevor tells Jason that this means war.

Monica comes out to see those waiting for Luke and tells them how sorry she is. Luke is horrified when he finds out that Mac is his golfing buddy.

Georgie is suspicious, especially when Coop tries to tell Maxie not to go to the police over the text message she received saying, "C U soon."

Sonny and Kate sit and talk things out. Trevor searches for Johnny, who has not returned home yet. Monica tells Tracy that Dr. Julian is trying to repair the damage and she should have never tried to operate on Luke.

Monica (Leslie Charleson) promises everyone that Dr. Julian is doing everything he can to save Luke. She admits to being unfocused in the operating room and froze up after seeing Emily.

Georgie asks Spinelli for help in tracing where the text messages have come from. Skye (Robin Christopher) walks out on Luke, leaving him alone is his hell.

He opens the door to follow her and is blinded by a white light.

The text messenger has piggybacked onto Mac's phone and Georgie tells Spinelli that she thinks that Coop is the killer. Luke wakes up (for real) in the hospital and is greeted by Tracy and Skye.

Max lets Sonny know he was attacked and two of his men were shot.

General Hospital
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