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PART ONE: Lucky cautions Sam that she could get caught in the middle of the coming war between Sonny's minions and the Zacchara mob. Maxie's newly nice attitude catches Georgie and Spinelli off guard. Sam invites Lucky to move in. Sonny reminds Jason why retaliating for the hijacking wouldn't serve their cause. Meanwhile, an enraged Johnny rails at Trevor for trying to undermine his power by making a decision to raid Sonny's shipment. Logan again consoles Lulu as the roller coaster of the last few days catches up with her.

PART TWO: Concerned as Maxie considers going to Vermont with Coop, Georgie tells her why she suspects the young officer may in fact be the text message killer. Alexis delivers a restraining order to Sonny on behalf of her client. Trevor scoffs at Johnny's insistence on striking a deal with Corinthos to keep the peace. A worried Georgie asks Spinelli to help her dig up dirt on Coop before he endangers Maxie's life again. Jason and Johnny are both questioned by the police. Lulu appeals to Sonny not to punish Johnny for the stolen shipment. Sam offers Maxie the use of her apartment for a romantic rendezvous with Coop.

Trevor decides to lure Lulu down to the docks and kill her in cold blood just to stir up trouble between Johnny and Sonny...

General Hospital
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