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Carly (Laura Wright), Jax and the boys return from Hawaii. A sobbing Maxie (Kirsten Storms) clings to Mac as she stands over her sister's lifeless body. Diane cautions Kate that she'll always be a target as long as she's part of Sonny's world...

Episode Recap

Johnny and Lulu overhear a seething Sonny order Jason to take out the new head of the Zacchara mob before sunrise. Mike fills Carly in on how close Maxie came to being strangled in her own home. Scouring the scene of the latest murder, Lucky realizes that Georgie probably knew her killer.

Carly explains to Michael (Dylan Cash) and Morgan how their new nanny will be picking them up from school from now on. At the hospital, Mac breaks his tragic news to a shocked Robin. Spinelli returns to the penthouse and asks Jason to help him avenge Georgie's murder.

Desperate to prevent more bloodshed, Lulu begs Carly to stop Sonny before he whacks Johnny. Robin reaches out to a grieving Maxie, who kicks herself for all the mean things she ever said to Georgie over the years. Sonny and Kate discuss an uncertain future. Patrick offers Robin his condolences.


Lighting a candle in Georgie's memory, Spinelli wishes he could have been there for his friend when she needed him. Elizabeth makes it clear that she wants Jason. Sam receives an ominous text message.

General Hospital
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