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Maxie decides to ride to Georgie's funeral with Cooper instead of her mom. While Robin and Mac set up for the funeral, he shows guilt over Georgie's death, feeling that he failed her.

Robin comforts Mac, letting him know he was the only constant in Georgie's life and did everything he could for her. Tracy doesn't want to go to Georgie's funeral, feeling she has no place there.

Maxie refuses to sit next to her mother in church, opting for a spot next to Robin instead.

When Carly realizes Morgan is going through her bag, she looks panicked.  Maxie gives the eulogy at her sister's funeral, saying wonderful things about her. Felicia walks out with tears streaming down her face.

Jax pushes Carly to give him his surprise.

Alexis visits Luke in the hospital to give him her support as he prepares to go back into surgery. Dillon chases Felicia out of the church to tell her that Georgie would never have wanted Maxie to say those things.

Tracy gives Luke a full report on the funeral and worries Ned or Dillon would say the same horrible things to her that Maxie said to Felicia.

Mac tries to talk to Maxie but she runs out, saying she can't handle it. Carly stands in her living room alone. 

When Jax comes in, she tells him that her Christmas surprise isn't going to happen. Robin goes to Patrick's and tells him that she just needs to be held after a horrible day.

Felicia lays flowers at Georgie's grave, then apologizes for the time she missed with her as Maxie stands by watching. Mac arrives home to an empty house, as memories of Georgie's life flash before him.

General Hospital
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