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PART ONE: Carly (Laura Wright) shows Jason the ominous text message she just received.

Nikolas tells Emily he can't believe he would have stabbed Jerry in cold blood no matter how much he despises him. Kelly reminds Robin how difficult life will be as a single mom, especially given her HIV-positive status and her busy medical career.

Leyla and Patrick (Jason Thompson) have a serious discussion about their blossoming relationship. Surprised when Lulu suddenly changes her tune, Logan wonders about the turn-around and is taken aback to learn how she struck a deal with his father.

PART TWO: Meanwhile, Tracy tells Luke the charges against him have been dropped but balks at revealing why. Jerry explains to Jax why he covered for his real assailant in front of the police. Carly threatens to go out sleuthing on her own if Jason refuses to help her.

Luke goes ballistic when Tracy finally discloses Lulu's infatuation with Scott's long-lost son. Patrick and Leyla make love for the first time. Kelly helps Robin compile a list of potential fathers for her future offspring.

A fuming Luke orders Scott to keep Logan away from Lulu.

General Hospital
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