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  • Johnny continues to insist he wasn't even in Port Charles when Letitia was murdered. Lainey offers to find private counsel for Cody.
  • Sonny tells Trevor he wants a face to face meeting with Anthony Zacchara. Robin explains to Lainey why she's on the hunt for the perfect sperm donor. Luke argues with Lulu about the devil's bargain she struck with Scott.
  • Jax (Ingo Rademacher) convinces Carly that Nikolas should be a prime suspect in the death of her sons' nanny. Meanwhile, Nikolas begins making plans for an elaborate ball on Spoon Island. Tracy reminds a fuming Luke that Lulu has feelings for Logan and will resent her father if he interferes. Lainey considers asking Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) to represent Cody.
  • Jason finds Carly's story about Nikolas difficult to swallow. At Windemere, Jax confronts Nikolas with his suspicions. Anthony rages at his son for defying his orders and returning to Port Charles. Sonny issues new instructions to Jason in hopes of forcing a showdown with Zacchara.
  • Luke gets nowhere trying to dissuade his daughter from giving Logan a second chance. Emily confides her concerns about Nikolas' health to Alexis. In another fit of rage, Nikolas grabs Carly by the throat.
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