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PART ONE: As Nikolas holds a letter opener to Carly's (Laura Wright) throat, Max rushes in and forces him to back off. Meanwhile, Jax tells a skeptical Sonny why he believes Nikolas could be Letitia's murderer. Trevor learns that Johnny is on his way back to Port Charles. Logan drops a bombshell on a shattered Spinelli. Across town, Luke (Anthony Geary) entreats his daughter to wise up and stop letting the Baldwin boys play her for a fool. Nikolas tells Max and Carly he has no memory of their altercation. Sonny contemplates taking Johnny hostage and using him as leverage.

PART TWO: Lulu again encounters young Mr. Zacchara on a dark, deserted road. Far from being grateful for the rescue, Carly snarls at a startled Max for meddling in her life. Nikolas shakily admits to Emily how close he came to killing Carly. Max and Diane commiserate while drowning their sorrows at the Metro Court's bar. Johnny lets his softer side show to a sympathetic Lulu. Jax and Carly argue about her rash decision to go to Spoon Island alone. Diane and Max wind up entwined in each other's arms but he suddenly pulls back and informs the confused attorney that he can't cheat on Carly. Kate asks Sonny not to risk meeting with Anthony.

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