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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4.1.08

Today on General Hospital, Jax makes it perfectly clear he wants Sonny to distance himself from Michael and Morgan but Sonny has no intention of doing so.

Kate later consoles Sonny as she assures him he's a good father.

Luke alerts Sonny to the fact that Claudia was fishing for information about him. Johnny and Claudia readily agree that Anthony needs to be kept locked up.

Johnny has a business proposition for Luke and offers to put up the money to reopen the Haunted Star. Luke correctly assumes Johnny wants to do business with him in order to get close to Lulu.

Carly is annoyed by all the time Jax is spending with Kate, who takes over office space at the Metro Court. Claudia throws the fact she slept with Sonny in Carly's face.

Robin realizes single motherhood might not be so easy when Elizabeth asks her to look after Jake and Cameron. Robin tells Elizabeth she thinks Jason would make a great father despite his career choice.

Patrick asks Robin out to dinner and she accepts.

Nikolas makes an impassioned plea in Monica's defense when she faces the judge in her hit and run trial.

Maxie jeopardizes the launch of Kate's new magazine when she makes a major mistake at work and ends up crying on Spinelli's shoulder.

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General Hospital
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