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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4/2

Today on General Hospital, Carly easily stands up to Claudia's threats. Johnny tells Claudia he's investing in the Haunted Star and admits part of the reason is to make sure Lulu is taken care of financially.

Lulu protests too much as she insists to a knowing Luke that she's through with Johnny. Later she admits to Carly that she's still attracted to him.

Tracy goes ballistic when Luke tells her he's reopening the Haunted Star.

Sam appeals to the judge in Monica's defense when it looks like he's going to throw the book at her. The judge accepts Monica's plea deal. Sam tells Monica she forgives her for the hit and run.

Spinelli comes to Maxie's rescue when he hacks into the delivery company's computer to re-route the package she mistakenly sent to the wrong destination. Spinelli's world is rocked when a grateful Maxie pulls him into a spontaneous kiss.

After an awkward start, Patrick and Robin end up enjoying their dinner date. Robin falls asleep on Patrick's shoulder as he voices his desire to be a part of their baby's life.

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General Hospital
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